Because of the ever changing building regulations, and after the events of '9/11', many architects and building companies, insist on high quality fire doors and screens, and where appropriate, bomb blast doors and screens.

M I S have, because of the level of security obtained, installed said doors and screens in both the Canadian and Turkish Embassies in London, and also provided a bullet proof control room for the West Lothian & Borders Police Headquarters. M I S was also contracted to supply the framework for the security screen in the House of Commons that has been the subject of a high degree of press coverage due to recent events, to say nothing of constructing a safe haven for many millions of pounds worth of diamonds for The Diamond Trading Co in London.

M I S have also been heavily involved in the installation of fire doors and screens for many local authorities, both in new build projects and to replace existing doors. Much of the above involve the use of 'Jansen' and 'Forster' systems, which provide an excellent end product, and are named by most contractors and architects as their preferred suite of sections. The Dartford River Crossing, had new toll booths installed, M I S being employed in the manufacture of heavy duty sliding doors for the booths, that have to be sturdy enough to stand up to use 24 hours a day.

This is just a brief introduction to our Company, but if you are about to undertake a project that could come under any of the above, we would be only too pleased to organise a meeting with yourselves to see if we could provide the exact end product you require.

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