Products and Services

» Windows

Having the same aesthetic look of Aluminum and sight lines half the size of UPVC, manufacturing in mild steel PPC and Stainless steel gives us the ability to produce windows with larger pain sizes so unsightly mullions and transoms can be eliminated.

» Fire Doors

MIS manufacture both steel doors, fire and non fire rated. Ranging from Zero fire resistance to 1 hr fully insulated fire resistance, these again can be manufactured both in mild steel and stainless steel, and again because of there strength they can be larger in both height and width.

» Fire Screens

Manufactured in both mild steel PPC to a full range of colors and stainless steel our fire screens offer the full range of fire resistance ranging from 30 minuets integrity only up to 120 minutes integrity and insulation.

» Safety Screens

MIS produce a full range of safety / Security screens ranging from anti bandit screens to the new European standard of BR7, which is capable of withstanding shoots from a 7.62mm NATO standard rifle. These screens can be manufactured in Aluminum, Stainless steel and mild steel.

Recent Projects
Dewsbury Townhall
Amppleforth Collage
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