Client List

Bellow is a list of some of the more prestige clients that we have done work for.

» Houses of Parliament - MIS provided the frame work for the security screen in the house of commons

» The Canadian & Turkish embassies in London - MIS provided security screens.

» West Lothian & Boarders police HQ - MIS provided a bullet proof control room.

» The Diamond Trading company London - MIS provided a secure booth and an number of secure display cabinets.

»The Dartford tunnel crossing - MIS provided toll booths for the crossing.

»Sainsburys, Tescos, John Lewis, Harrods - MIS has provided bespoke metal work for shop fitting.

Recent Projects
Dewsbury Townhall
Amppleforth Collage
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Queen Effs School Dewsbury Townhall Amppleforth Collage Sheffield Station